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monster blaze looms above los angeles, out of control. in the gulf, floodwaters seem to go nowhere. isaac's misery spreading to the northeast today. >>> first lady's focus. a different message expected tonight from michelle obama, compared to ann romney's speech last week, as the democratic convention now begins in just a few hours. >>> scientology storm swirling around tom cruise again. did church officials choose mates for the megastar. >>> and on the rampage, armed with a ten-ton bulldozer. >>> good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm diana perez, in for paula faris. with labor day behind us, we begin this tuesday with the unofficial end to the summer of extremes. >> that's for sure. it's giving way to an early fall, filled with wildfires, high water and wicked winds, now bringing trouble from california to the carolinas. northeast of l.a., a fast-moving wildfire is tearing through the angeles national forest. the flames sending thousands of holiday campers fleeing. the fire has scorched six-square miles. and for now, aerial assault with a chopper and a dc-10 is the atta att
cage. >>> a wandering bear created quite a traffic hazard. in los angeles over the weekend. all lanes in both directions of the 210 freeways were closed. as a crew from the department of game and fish was called. finally the bear was surrounded at an intersection and hit with a tranquilizer dart. it is being relocated to the forest. >> and that's today's edition of animal planet. >>> now, we turn to a dramatic rescue off the coast of central california. a father and son were pulled to safety by the coast guard after their small aircraft ditched in the water and began to sink. now, the pair were headed to canada when their engine stalled. the men were not hurt but their cessna sank to the bottom of the ocean. >>> and there is still no positive identification on a big piece of metal that literally fell from the sky and came crashing to the street in suburban seattle. they have confirmed it's part of a landing gear from a boeing 767. officials are not saying whether they located the plane that it came from. residents say they saw a low-flying cargo jet in that area on friday about the sa
delayed sending the retired spacecraft to its home in southern california. it will be housed at the los angeles airport until its move to its permanent home at the california science center. >>> well, time, now, for the weather from across the nation. it will be a messy commute along the east coast, with strong storms bringing rain, hail, high winds and the threat of a tornado. inland cities could see up to four inches of rain and flash flooding. pleasant and sunny, though, on the west coast. >> fall arrives a few days early in the midwest, with chicago and fargo near 60. phoenix, very close to the average at about 100 degrees. >>> now, when we come back, a new weapon in the weight loss war. >>> also ahead, do not call complaints are soaring. and guess which tops the list. >>> and later a voice-activated popcorn launching machine, changing the snack world, one kernel at a time. @ >>> welcome back. the fed is out with an answer to high unemployment, confidence. a new federal reserve study says the jobless rate would be about 7% instead of over 8%, if consumers had less doubt about the ec
route. the entire spacecraft will spend tonight in houston before taking off again for los angeles. >> all right. >>> time, now, for the weather across the nation. all that rain clearing out in the northeast, except for a few lingering showers in maine. scattered thunderstorms in florida. showers in the upper midwest, from minneapolis to the canadian border. up to ten degrees warmer than normal in the pacific northwest. >> 76 in seattle. mostly 80s in the rockies and great plains. 70s from boston all the way down to atlanta. >>> and when we come back, what some people are doing today just to get a free doughnut. >>> and then, pink slips at a major airline. why american is ready to let thousands of mechanics and ground workers go. >>> and later, regis philbin, trading his morning retirement for a new gig. >>> welcome back. the belt-tightening at american airlines is under way. the bankrupt carrier has notified more than 11,000 workers they could lose their jobs. and it's cutting flights this fall. and with the pilots staging unofficial job actions, at least one travel writer says am
month at knott's berry farm near los los angeles, promised riders the feeling of free flight. what they ended up with the feeling of being trapped, the length of a football field off the ground. >> it started going a little bit slower. and then, it stopped. and that was it. >> it was really scary. and i was hoping that we would get down really soon. >> the first half an hour was pretty rough on me. i have a fear of heights. i was on it because my husband wanted to train me to get over my fear of heights. by the end, i was. >> can you believe that? murphy's law. she gets on, it stops. it is the second time the ride has malfunctioned. and knott's berry farms says it will be shut down for a while while they investigate. >>> well, a man in colorado who was diagnosed with a condition balled popcorn lung has won a massive payout. wayne watson was awarded more than $7 million yesterday. he claims his respiratory problems were caused by inhaling the artificial butter smell from the two bags of microwave popcorn he ate every day for years. the food companies watson sued claimed his issues s
in an episode that aired last week. he died sunday in los angeles after a battle with cancer. he was 84 years old. >>> marshal island's man says an unlikely beast portrayed in the movie "jaws," we're talking about a shark, saved his life. he and his brother were traveling by boat between islands when they ran out of fuel and got stranded. the brother-in-law died. but he drifted and survived for 15 weeks, until one morning, a 6-foot shark alerted him to a rescue ship that arrived to save him. >>> time, now, for sports. and a monday night performance peyton manning would probably like to forget. espn takes us through the game in 90 seconds. >> good morning. i'm dog kezirian with your "sportscenter" update. in his last ten appearances on "monday night football," peyton manning walked away a winner nine times. but those came in colts jerseys. this time with denver, as the broncos visited the atlanta falcons last night. first possession in the game for denver, manning picked off by william moore. next possession, intercepted again by thomas datu. then, in the first quarter, robert mcclain picked h
on the east coast, from boston to d.c. >>> and getting back to the news. investigators in los angeles are awaiting toxicology results on an actor who allegedly murdered his elderly landlady, then plunged to his death. >> 28-year-old johnny lewis was killed off from the show fx "sons of anarchy." that happened a few years ago. he's had a number of other small roles since then. lewis was recently accused of attacking two men with a bottle and trying to break into a woman's home. probation officers and an attorney had expressed concerns over his mental health and drug use. >>> investigators on the trail of a very cold case will dig into this concrete driveway in a detroit suburb today. they had a tip that it might be the final resting place of former teamsters boss jimmy hoffa. he disappeared back in 1975. the soil extracted from under the driveway today will be examined for human composition results. and could be available next week. >>> and there's a huge buzz online about abc's brian ross and his investigation into theft by tsa agents. brian and his team checked bags with ipads and ca
such cars. >>> hundreds of los angeles area restaurants and tourist sites are offer discounts this weekend, as residents brace for carmageddon two. the sequel of was the case of last year, a section of interstate 405 will be closed for construction. the restaurants are pitching in to keep carmageddon sequel to keep from being called the carmageddon strikes back. >>> apple crap this country, causing trees to bloom earlier than usual. a freeze then damaged the crop. harvest is affecting two staples of fall, cider and apple pie. >>> officials here in new york are counting on a new attraction to rake in lots of tourist dollars. plans are in the works for the world's tallest ferris wheel to be built on staten island. the 625-foot-tall wheel, capable of carrying more than 1,400 people will overlook the statue of liberty and the manhattan skyline. the $230 million project should be finished in three years. >>> when we come back, airport insecurity. abc's brian ross, tracking down tsa agents that are accused of stealing passengers' property instead of protecting it. >>> and then, the ravens played
, kansas city and charlotte. >>> back to the news this thursday morning. police in los angeles are still looking for two masked gunmen who kidnapped a bank manager from her home, as part of a very bizarre robbery plot. >> scary story here. authorities say they strapped what they said was a bomb to the woman's waist. and they forced her to order employees to take money out of the bank. the bomb squad disabled the device, which they say resembled an explosive, but was not. >>> the roman catholic bishop of kansas city faces a bench trial. bishop robert finn is the highest-ranking catholic official to be charged with shielding an abusive priest. his attorneys has decided to let a judge decide the case instead of a jury. a verdict is expected by day's end. >>> what started out as a fun bike ride turned into a near-death ordeal for an ohio teen. he fell into a creek and got sucked into a storm drain. by the time rescuers had arrived, the water carried the eighth grader 1,500 feet. they didn't think he made it. but when they called his name through a manhole, he answered. >> it was dark. it was
a couple of cities, phoenix and los angeles. >>> and back to the news, a scene drawing outrage reaction online. >> this video posted of visitors to yellowstone national park as they encountered a massive wild bison. now, instead of protecting the children, at least one of those egged the child on coaxing him to get closer and closer until the bison charges. nobody was hurt. >> what a dumb move. >> yeah. >>> and another close call. this one in florida, at least a dozen patrol officers and cops came to the scene in stanford trying to catch a monkey on the l lam. the monkey finally came back on its own. it's actually the second time the monkey has escaped from a cage in the past. >>> a wandering bear created quite a traffic hazard. all lanes in both directions of the 210 freeways were closed. finally the bear was surrounded at an intersection and hit with a tranquilizer dart. >> and that's today's edition of animal planet. >>> now, to a dramatic rescue. a father and son were pulled to safety by the coast guard after the small aircraft ditched in the water and began to sink. they were heade
. mitt romney speaks to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce in los angeles. >>> and we are learning new details about the chaos that unfolded behind the scenes behind romney's acceptance speech. just eight days before the convention, the speech that had been written was dropped. that set off a wild scramble to craft a new entirely different speech so that romney would have time to rehearse. the final version was widely criticized within the party for leaving out any mention of al qaeda and afghanistan. >>> it is time now for the weather from across the nation. a wet day for much of the south. heavy rain from atlanta to tallahassee. nashville, new orleans and houston. showers around green bay. chicago and st. louis. a cold blast from fargo to the twin cities. showers in the colorado rockies. >> 80s from albuquerque and miami. chilly in the 50s from minneapolis to fargo. >>> and when we come back this monday morning, a new twist to a very famous murder case. >>> and then occupy wall street marks one year, with protesters planning to deliver an anniversary message to them today. >>> and to
for substance abuse. >>> and the paparazzi who allegedly chased justin bieber at high speeds in los angeles appears in court today. the photographer is being arraigned over california's tough new paparazzi laws. he could face a year in jail and a hefty fine if convicted. >>> well, the country's top pediatricians are once again sounding the alarm on home trampolines. the american academy of pediatrics discouraged the use of recreational trampoline use. figures from 2009 showed trampoline injuries resulted in more than 3,000 homgss. >>> the nfl wraps up tonight with the green bay packers in seattle to take on the seahawks. we get hments from yesterday's games, courtesy of espn. >>> i'm jade mccarthy with your "sportscenter" update. patriots and ravens both trying to stay above .500. tori smith after losing his brother friday night in a motorcycle accident. joe flacco finds smith. smith aexz second touchdown, what a performance. two seconds left, ravens down two. justin tucker with a chance to win it. 27-yard field goal. they say it's good. vince wilfork can't believe it. take another look. bi
disability. >> robert vanderhorst says he was flying from newark to los angeles on sunday with his wife and their 16-year-old son who has down syndrome. but then word came from the pilot that they could not board the flight home. >> i think the pilot was concerned that my son was going to be in first class. and that i think the pilot felt that my type of son, my disabled, down syndrome son, shouldn't be in first class. >> the vanderhorsts started recording the airport scene on a cell phone. american airlines said the boy was not ready to fly because he was agitated and running around the gate area prior to boarding. but his parents say that is simply not true. >>> a massachusetts court ruling is sparking both praise and outrage in the case of a transgender prison inmate. a judge has agreed that the state department of corrections must pay for the inmate's sex reassignment surgery. michelle kosilek was born a man but takes female hormones and lives as a woman in the all-male prison. she is serving life in prison for murder. >>> a new study suggests more lives could be saved if doctors in
a movie set. but this scene from los angeles, it was the real deal. >> pretty awesome. bank robbers there start throwing cash out the suv window, as they led police on a high-speed chase. people ran into the street trying to scoop up the bills. the 90-minute chase came to an end, when a heavy-duty pickup blocked the suv's path. >>> police announced an arrest in last week's bank heist where the bank manager was forced to turnover money from her bank. the suspect who was arrested and released on bail turns out, he's the bank manager's boyfriend. and police say other arrests are expected. >> all right. >>> questions about security this morning after the arrest of 18 people at new york's jfk airport. they're accused of running a massive theft operation in which $20 million worth of those tiny, little booze bottle were stolen from american airlines planes. they were allegedly stealing 7,500 bottles a day. all had access to tarmacs and airplanes. >>> and in tulsa, there is no sign of foul play where a 59-year-old woman was found inside a large freezer. theresa christian had been missing s
miles away in suburban los angeles. >> so, fish and chips off the table right now? >> no fish and chips today. >>> it is time for the weather across the nation on this tuesday. flooding monsoon thunderstorms from southern california to new mexico. windy, with high fire danger from the northwest into the upper midwest. then, showers in south florida. a chilly morning with frost advisories for upstate new york. and new england. fall is in the air. >> 68 in boston. 74 here in new york. 80s in the southeast and across the nation's midsection. 70s in the northern rockies. >> could take this weather about nine months out of the year. >> this is nice weather, isn't it? >> yes, it is. >>> and coming up, important, new cancer screening information for women. this time, it's not breast cancer. >>> casino mogul, steve wynn, winning big in the courtroom, after taking on the guy behind "girls gone wild." >>> and then, an update on our dear friend, robin roberts, and what she tweeted just before checking into the hospital. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded
to see the space shuttle "endeavour," as it goes over sacramento, san francisco, silicon valley and los angeles, where it will finally come to rest. it will be the last time a space shuttle ever takes flight. >> not a once-in-a-lifetime experience. it's a once experience. no one will see anything like this again. >> yesterday, "endeavour" flew low over tucson, where former congresswoman gabby giffords and mark kelly was watching. kelly was the commander on "endeavour's" final mission. and he asked for the flyover to champion his wife's time in congress. >>> texas is launching an al all-out war on cancer. it's a ten-year project by the school's cancer center, targeting breast, ovarian, lung and prostate cancers, in addition to melanoma and leukemia. researchers plan to spend up to $3 billion to find cures and lower death rates. >>> james holmes has a new appearance. he appeared in court, hearing yesterday, with short brown hair instead of that orange hair. and during the hearing, prosecutors gave up their fight to see a notebook that holmes has sent to his psychiatrist, before the july a
roll out the red carpet yesterday in front of the nokia theater in los angeles. this will be the first time kimmel is hosting the show, which airs sunday night, right here on abc. >>> week three in the nfl kicks off tonight with the new york giants traveling to charlotte to face off with cam newton and the carolina panthers. as for last night's baseball, we get highlights from espn. >> randy scott with your "sportscenter" update. we take you to yankee stadium. the bombers facing the blue jays. bottom one. derek jeter, yankees history. that's 200th hit of the season. he has eight such seasons with new york. ties lou gehrig's record. each row suzuki had two hits in this game. ichiro, stealing second and doing so easily. that was the theme in this game. in the eighth, same score. ichiro, this time, driving in curtis granderson. your next batter, ichiro, once again, stealing second base. once again, with plenty of room. in the same at-bat, though, ichiro doing something that put himself into the yankees record books. ichiro stealing third. four hits, four stolen bases. first yankee to do t
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)